Regaip Kandili

Dear Friends

The night that connects the first of Thursday to Friday,  which is the beginning of the days when mercy falls in torrents, is called the Night of Regaib.

Regaib is an Arabic word. Meaning; to seek and incline to anything, to strive for what is demanded and desired.

Of course, every Friday night is valuable. When Regaib is added to this, two valuable nights come together and become even more valuable.

When the month of Rajab entered, our Prophet Hz Muhammad  pray, “O Allah! Make Rajab and Shaban blessed for us and bring us to Ramadan.”

This is the night when what the servant asks from his Lord in prayer is not rejected.

Let us take part in this night with worship and ‘amins’, running to the temple, sitting on his prayer rug, turning his face to his Lord, opening his hand to the sky, expressing his embarrassment for his sins with repentance, where the narrowed hearts are a pretext for forgiveness and forgiveness.

It is our duty to run to this light on the path of our ancestors who honoured Islam and mankind by awakening the projection of the stars shining in the sky on the earth with lamps.

May our Regaib Night and the month of Rajab be blessed.


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