Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

Aladdin’s magic lamp can be taken by anyone. However, the original owner of the lamp and the one who is skilful can take out what is inside.

Dear friends,

Substance and spirit… Two brothers, both of which have their own characteristics and reflect the differences in the worlds to us…

Substance; everything we can hold with our hands, everything we can see with our eyes… But what about spirit?

Spirit is different! It cannot be held with the hand or seen with the eye. It can only be seen with the essence, felt with the essence.

So, what is the essence, how is it formed, how does it develop?

Essence is presented by the hand of the Creator who created us out of nothing with the attribute of El-Hâlik.

It enriches with our intentions, prayers and deeds. It is our most valuable treasure, our self, our spiritual capital.

The ancients say, “the word of the one whose essence is complete is also complete”. For this reason, they called beautiful and true words as concise words.

The concise word is to say the word in its place, deeply, from the heart, from the heart, from the soul, from the heart.

Just like the words of the Prophet …

Our concise word; In Arabic, they call Cevâmiu’l -Kelim. To express a lot of meaning with few words…

Say few words, say the truth, show the truth…

The expressions that we say by listening to the voice of the soul, coming from our essence, find a place in the hearts. The beautiful word caresses the heart it enters, pleases it and establishes its throne.

Just like the words of Ka’b bin Zühey, who was waiting to be killed, to the Prophet in his masjid. While he was waiting to be killed, he presented the drops of his essence to the head of the worlds the prophet , entered his heart, and made his two worlds perfect.

Gentlemen and ladies who want to say beautiful words, who want to encounter beautiful words, who establish the art of speech by connecting it to its essence, listen to us well.

There is no unspoken word in the universe. Those who will build bridges from heart to heart and say their words with the most beautiful authorities that will affect the hearts will stand out from the others.


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