In 2000, International Holy Quran Reading Competition

Between 8-12 December in 2000, I competed in Ankara in the category of reciting the 30th volume of the Qur’an by heart, representing Turkey on a world-wide scale. Before this competition, we had gathered in Ankara for the final qualification after 25 of the strongest hafiz from all over Turkey under the age of 25 had won first place in regions, districts and provinces. 25 hafiz started to wait in front of the jury in a special section of the Kocatepe Mosque, sitting side by side in a long line in front of the jury. Behind us, our teachers, friends and families were witnessing this moment that will not be erased from our memories. Everyone who laboured for us to be in this important competition had taken their place. In this transparency, questions from the most difficult pages of the Qur’an began to be asked. The jury members were removing every memory who was surprised, mistaken or forgot during the reading. The two hafiz on my right and left sides were surprised twice, but the jury was sifting again to decide which one was the strongest. The hafiz on my right side asked for a place in the chapter he was going to read. I was more likely to be ranked if I did not say it, but the voice inside me told me:” If he won’t be surprised by me saying it, he shouldn’t be surprised’. But when I was surprised in the same place, the head of the jury stood up and announced that the first hafiz was determined and announced the result. The incident between me and my Hafiz friend reminded me of my teacher’s words: ”

“You can’t grow without giving, son”. With the grace of Allah , I became the first in Turkey. I worked day and night for the first place by taking the prayers of my mother, father, teachers, friends and children. It was a very difficult and even a great responsibility to represent my country, my family and myself against the best hafiz of the world. By the grace of Allah, I was honoured to be the first by answering all the questions.

I would like to thank everyone who has been with me in my studies, who has taken my heart, supported me, served me and made me experience this justified pride.


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