Let Our Prayer Be One

Dear Friends

Today is a day of prayer and support…

Prayerful words and deeds prevent evil and trouble.

It does not matter who is where and in what position. A poor person, an oppressed person even his prayers are needed.

Let’s be one. Let’s make a prayer ring as the servants of Allah, who is one.

Let’s make the people of the world jealous with our prayer and our stance. We are stronger and wiser than before. We are a nation that has never lost its faith. There is no escape from death.

Destiny must be accepted. However, Allah  has sent many prophets as examples to all humanity for struggle.

We are our leader,

Like the Prophet Muhammad , the mercy of the worlds, we will take our prayer in front of us and light our way.

We will be very careful. May Allah willing, we will take careful steps in the transition period.

This saintly nation deserves freedom, nationality and prosperity, not weakness.

Verse; Surah Al-Anfal 46

“Obey Allah and His Messenger and do not dispute among yourselves. Then fear will fall in you and

you will lose your state.”

And be patient. For Allah is with those who are patient.


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