Let our word be our essence, our essence be our word

Let’s talk, but only when it’s for a good purpose.

Let it be full of good intentions. When our heart and tongue are right, our speech will be good and useful.

One of the clearest signs of moral living is right speech.

One of the keys to the basic spiritual programme is to perfect our speech.

In order to perfect our speech, the first thing is to think before we speak and to make sure that we are speaking for a good purpose.  For hasty and unprepared speech is an injustice to the listeners, to the whole universe and to the living. For to reveal one’s own secrets recklessly is disrespectful to oneself.

Many people feel compelled to vocalise their fleeting feelings, thoughts or impressions. They try to empty their minds of everything by talking, without caring about the consequences. This is both practically and morally dangerous and unpleasant.

Sloppy speeches are like a vehicle that goes out of control.

The word is very important. The extent of a person’s world of ideas can be determined by the words that come out of his mouth.

Therefore, when we speak, we should consider both our own position and the situation of the other person.

As there is the right time and place for speaking and listening, there is also a time and place for being silent. A person who knows the time and place to be silent is loved and respected by the people around him/her. Even nature respects this virtuous personality.

Most of the time we should prefer to listen. When necessary, we should speak carefully and moderately.

Because talking is neither good nor bad.   However, human beings can use the act of speaking carelessly by gossiping. We must protect ourselves from falling into this situation. Thoughtless and excessive speech is contrary to the spirit of creation that Allah, Who created us as high personalities, has blessed us with.

Everything we speak is recorded in the universe and Allah, who created us, records it by the hands of His most honoured angels. This is not like the recording of any electronic device. Everything is recorded in the database of the universe with divine permission.

Dear friends, the fact that we talk about things worth talking about shows how valuable we are.

When we talk about worthless things, believe me, we become worthless ourselves.

If we spend time in discussions about other people, we become a narrow-minded, ordinary person. It is possible to be privileged and extraordinary by being free from the speech of others.

How beautifully our proverb explains that silence is a virtue.

“If your speech is silver, let your silence be gold. This is how the people of Kemalât have always found perfection.”

(If your speech is silver, let your silence be gold. This is how all mature people have always found perfection).


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