On Islamophobia with Selman Okumuş

We have realised the Mawlid Kandili, the day when our Prophet Muhammad was introduced to the world, with a giant organisation hosted by Aliağa Municipality.

Educator Writer Hafiz Selman Okumuş, who undoubtedly left his mark on the ‘Mawlid Kandili Special Programme’, where precious hafiz were guests.

Selman Okumuş, who ranked first in the world in Qur’an recitation competitions, is one of Turkey’s most popular religious scholars…

So much so that an atheist colleague, whose name is hidden from me, told me: “When you listen to Selman Teacher, you become a Muslim” and said that he was very impressed by Selman Okumuş’s programmes.

His recitation of the Holy Quran with his enchanting voice, his insatiable conversation supported by verses and Hadiths, the warm relationship he established with thousands of participants from the stage and especially the value he gives to children are among the features that make him different.

As a person who was scolded for making noise in the mosque as a child and who was therefore put off going to the mosque, I can understand Selman Teacher’s special interest in children much better.


Selman teacher said that children’s voices should not be considered as noise but as the chirping of angels and warned all the participants in advance at the beginning of the programme not to be angry at the behaviour of the children who made noise during the mawlid and to show a smile.

Happiness to Selman Okumuş…

Because showing Islam as a religion of prohibitions is nothing but malicious intentions.

I had the chance to have a short chat with Selman Okumuş, who explains and endears the beauties of Islam to people with love, patience and tolerance, after the programme he attended in Aliağa.

As you know, the rise of Islamophobia has recently come to the world agenda again. Some forces are trying to portray Islam as if it is a religion of terrorism. On the other hand, massacres are committed in the name of Islam.

However, our blessed prophet, who brought us Islam, the religion of peace, remained scrupulously loyal to the law and ethics of fighting even when he had to fight.

As one of the ummah of our Prophet Muhammad , I am extremely disturbed that Islam, which is the religion of justice, mercy, compassion, tolerance and peace, is associated with concepts such as ‘terrorism and terrorist’…

At this point, I shared my discomfort and concerns with our esteemed teacher Selman Okumuş.

Selman Teacher sprinkled some water on my heart with what he said.

The words of Selman Okumuş, who gave me hope and morale in this chaotic period of the Islamic world, were instrumental in writing this article…

In short, I am now quoting Mr Okumuş’s words to you verbatim:

“The Prophet was both an imam, a leader, a commander and the head of the Islamic Ummah.

The Muslim will have prudence, be wise, do his trade, religion, politics and everything else with prudence.


We are a strong country as Turkey. We are on very rich lands and we are the continuation of a great heritage.

We are the continuation of a rising Turkey, we should embrace this well. We must protect human wealth. We can defeat Islamophobia by reading, sharing, travelling the world, understanding the people of the world, knowing and showing the quality, quantity and beauty of Islam. We can explain that we are apart from all bad activities, that we are members of a religion that gives peace and lifts up those who fall, only by living and seeing. The Islamic world should agree with each other. It should share its values and explain itself to the people of the world with these values. It should be able to give the cheerfulness of Islam. When we go to the other world, it will be very heavy to give an account for this. If we are rich in spirituality, we should be able to show this to others. If we are doing the opposite and causing wars, this is our weakness, our deficiency, our account that we cannot give to Allah. Therefore, Aliağa has lit this torch. It is time to spread this torch to other cities and other lands. May Allah Almighty grant us to see the effect of the prayers we made this evening in a short time and to get rid of the difficult situation that Muslim countries have fallen into.

Selman teacher’s statement “we are the continuation of a great heritage” is actually enough to explain everything. Imagine that the superpowers of the world today cannot rule the lands that the Ottoman Empire ruled with a governor with tanks and cannons!

The subject is deep, but if we still need to say something as an afterword;

Happily, we are the ummah of Hz Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, the religion of peace.

We are the continuation of the Ottoman Empire that ruled 3 continents with justice and tolerance for centuries.

“Our religion is the most reasonable and natural religion. And it is only because of this that it has become the last religion. For a religion to be natural, it must conform to reason, science, knowledge and logic. We are the soldiers of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the victorious commander of the last Islamic Army, who defined the Islamic religion in the most beautiful way by saying, “Our religion is completely suitable for these.

Hasan Eser / Yeni Vizyon Newspaper


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