The Best Hafiz Reciting the Holy Quran in the World

We met with the best hafiz of the country from every corner of the world in the Kocatepe Mosque Conference Hall. The competition started with the participation of the President of Religious Affairs and the crowd. Representing one’s own country under its flag as a Turkish hafiz was really honouring and difficult at the same time. When it was my turn, I recited beautifully by the grace of Allah. According to the information I got long after the competition, I got the highest score from the Egyptian jury member Celal Fuat Hammam.

In 1990, I became a hafiz and realised my 10-year dream in 2000 by becoming the first in the world in reciting the Holy Qur’an by heart. My family was with me and I witnessed their tears of joy. It was the best gift I gave to my mother and father as a son in the world. I was proud and peaceful to represent my country in the best way.

When we returned to Istanbul, philanthropists wanted to reward the hafiz who ranked in the Qur’an Recitation branch. Every day since 1998, I used to recite the 1st chapter of the Holy Qur’an by heart in front of the congregation before the morning prayer in Eyüp Sultan Mosque. Based on this, a beautiful car was presented to me in the garden of Eyüp Sultan mansion in the presence of distinguished people and my family. May Allah c.c be pleased with the benefactors who gave me this gift because of the Qur’an and all my teachers, especially my father Haji Hafiz Hüsnü Okumuş, who trained me day and night. Greetings to my Hafiz brothers and aspirants and may it be possible for them too I hope.


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