Why is the Holy Qur’an being recited?

Why is the Qur’an placed at the centre of prayer? Why the Qur’an is recited in the ear of the baby born?  Why at the time of death, Surah Yasin is recited to the one about to die? Why those left behind after the deceased recite Surah Yasin – Surah Mülk? Why do we recite the Qur’an from beginning to end? Why do we gather in such houses? Why was this room made so large? Why is “In the name of Allah” written. Why there are “Ayat al-Kursi, Allah – Muhammad, Lâ Ilâhe Illâllah Muhammadur Rasulullah” plates on the walls. Why are these here? Why so much Qur’an is read in this house. Because the intention when building this place was to host guests, to read the Qur’an, to bring together neighbours, friends, acquaintances, new families, in-laws, brides and grooms, grandchildren and the whole family, to share everything bitter-sweet.

Whatever you do with what intention, that intention will continue until doomsday. You build a mosque for the sake of Allah, it will remain as a mosque until the Day of Doomsday,people coming and going will pray. You become a philanthropic businessman, and if you pray, “O Allah, grant my children to be philanthropists,” you will experience this. A person has the power to do whatever he wants from where he sits. Whoever thinks of a friend from where he sits, is immediately answered by the friend he thinks of by phone. Whatever we sow in the name of goodness, we will find it in this world and the hereafter.

Why do we read the Qur’an? Because the sultan of the worlds, our Prophet  never prayed without reading a chapter from the Qur’an. Today we were able to enter this building without ringing the doorbell. We can’t always enter. Because there was a Qur’an invitation today. If a person wants to connect with his Lord, if he wants to go up to his Lord and be accepted into His presence, let him read a chapter from the Qur’an.

– Teacher, I don’t know.

– Surah Fatiha, Surah Ihlas. Read these.

– Teacher, I don’t know them either.

Sübhânekellâhümme wa bi hamdik ve tebârekesmük ve teâlâ jeddük ve lâ ilâhe ğayrük.

You will be accepted even if you say that. Because there is glorification, sanctification and praise of Allah. So, if you want to be accepted in the presence of your Lord and offer your prayer, read a chapter from the Qur’an. We have a list in front of us for him. There are those who expect Fatiha from us. Not the list we know, but only the ones written in Allah.

We are here representing all our grandfathers, grandmothers, grandfathers from Hz. Adam until today. We are here representing ourselves as we are. We are also here representing our children and descendants after us. One hundred years, two hundred years, three hundred years before us, our grandfathers and fathers said, “O Allah! If our fathers and grandfathers had not prayed, “O Allah, do not leave our descendants without faith and without the Qur’an,” maybe we would not be able to live these beautiful days.

– Will the prayer come a century in advance, teacher.

Let’s make sure of it right away.

What does our master  say. “I am the manifestation of the prayer of my ancestor Hz. Ibrahim .”

What does this mean? If Hz. Ibrahim had not prayed before me, I would not have seen these things today. So generation needs prayer.

– Well, teacher, is it possible to pray for children and offspring who have not yet come to life?

It is prayed for that too. Because again, our Prophet  used to pray for his ummah who would live in the period close to the apocalypse as follows.

When they perform a small sunnah  “Whoever adheres to a sunnah of mine, keeps it, does it.”

When:  “The moment my Ummah falls into corruption, the moment it starts to deteriorate.”

Whoever does a Sunnah of mine, what is it?

Salaam alaykum, would you like a drink of water? Can I offer something?  “He has the reward of a hundred martyrs.” Says the sultan of the worlds.

A prophet who makes and reminds the reward and prayer that people will enter from that day to these days, until the Day of Doomsday. So we can pray for ourselves and our offspring who will be born after us. I listened to this conversation from a world-class scholar. A world-class scholar reminded me of this. Today, you can decide not only for yourself, but also for your future until the Day of Doomsday.

– With what, teacher?

– With prayer.

What are we doing? We leave apartments to our children. We want to leave a clean surname to our children, we want our fame, our honour, our reputation to walk. Fame is not with fame and money, but with faith, Qur’an and ihlaslas. What did the sultan of the worlds have when he passed away? He had nothing. He made them distribute everything that was entrusted to him at home, he said to take it all. That means we cannot take anything to the afterlife.

– Teacher, shouldn’t we earn something? Should we not get a title deed? Should we not acquire property?

Of course, but let’s not make it our only ambition. To the other world; “illa men etâllâhe bi kalbin selim.” On that day, neither wealth nor children will benefit. He says that only if a pure heart comes before Allah, Allah will accept it.

Dear friends,

Even as a teacher, as a hafiz, as a brother who loves these things, who does them with love and who is in such environments a lot, I do not trust the Qur’an I recite, the charity and services I do. Because there are those who spend the night not in sleep, not in sleep, but in tahajjud, those who run more than us, those who serve more, those who adorn their every state with knowledge and good deeds. Let us not rely on anything, neither on our fathers, nor on what we do. But let us pay attention to our ihlas and faith. If we have them, even mistakes become beautiful. Allah accepts with flaws.

Angels are ready in the environment you are in right now.

– Teacher, how do you know? How can you be so certain?

I am not saying it.

Our Prophet  said, “Tenzilu’r-rahmeti inde zikri’s-salihin” Mercy falls where righteous, righteous, honest, principled people remember Allah, where they remember Allah’s name.

– Who brings the mercy?

– Angels bring it.

Angels land where the Qur’an is recited. They kiss the forehead of the person reciting the Qur’an. Angels rain light on the place where the Qur’an is recited. No one reads the Qur’an for the purpose of being heard. When the Qur’an is recited, hearts are refreshed. That is why we are here today. That is why we embrace the Holy Quran so much. Our ancestors recited the Qur’an everywhere at birth, death, military, engagement and ceremonies. We are carrying on their legacy.

– Teacher, I don’t understand anything from the Qur’an.

Even people who do not understand anything, even non-Muslims, cry while listening to the Qur’an. Allah’s friends say, “If a person cannot cry when listening to the Qur’an, when the Qur’an is being recited, why should he cry that he cannot cry?”

The Holy Qur’an is read with sadness and listened to with sadness. Even if the reciter is not as taqwa as you, it is Allah who recites the Qur’an. Apart from you, there are angels listening. The honour of being in such an environment is enough for you and all humanity.

May Allah accept it.


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