Today it is called contract, covenant, treaty…

“Those who believed and did good deeds, surely We do not waste the reward of those who do good (Kahf 30).”

Whoever starts a work with the name of Allah  as a witness, believing in its correctness and the parties involved, and continues it with gratitude, his work will never fail. Because the Allah is his greatest insurance, guarantor and complement.

In this system, we use our car, our house, our private belongings and our body, which is entrusted to us, with private insurance and health insurance in order to use them in case of need and accident and to cover expenses. However, in the divine system, spiritual insurance is much more valuable and continuous.

Spiritual insurance starts with the call to adhan in our ears when we are born. It continues with the prayers of thankfulness, the sacrifice of aqiqa and the offerings and prayers at the mawlid ceremony for our guests.

After an accident, the statement that we will pay your damages does not heal the wounds. The important thing is that the accident does not occur and there is no damage. So let’s run to the halal ones and avoid the haram ones. For everything, let us take refuge in the Allah of everything.

The best refuge is the refuge to Allah. He is always merciful to His servants. Even when He punishes, He reminds us so that we can correct ourselves and find our way. Being in the way of Allah means doing what He commands. To be forgiving, to do what you promise. It means to be compassionate and merciful to the little ones and the elders. It is to be ready for the place of the greatest judgement (court-i kübra). While the things that shaytan commands seem to give freedom, in the words of the Qur’an, they drag people into poverty and helplessness. What Allah commands invites to truth, forgiveness and wealth.

Hoping to be blessed with beauty…


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