Education with Mother – Father Prayer

The future of Turkey and therefore the future of the world, precious students are in schools and classrooms for education and training. Children, who are handed over to the compassionate hands and hearts of respected teachers, the pioneers of knowledge and wisdom, are the mysteries and dreams of parents. If they are our dreams and specialities, then children should be given substance and spirit together.

Almighty Allah, the owner of everything;

“Do those who know and those who do not know ever become the same?” (Surah Zumar, Verse 10)

This verse, which will bring knowledge and knowledgeable to the forefront, has been presented to the knowledge of us servants.

The advice of our Prophet  is of such a nature that it will be the centrepiece in our minds.

“Demand knowledge from the beginning of the cradle to the grave.”

The good news of the Prophet  is as follows; Knowledge is the highest of ranks. In order to reach this rank, much labour and effort is inevitable. Because there is no mercy in the life of the world without effort. However, the mercy of our Lord is an exception.

Hazrat Ali  said;

“Raise your children according to the needs of the age they will live in.”

In the words of the elders who are never outdated and always valuable; “The tree bends while it is young.”

Education starts in the womb and continues until the grave. For this reason, our children who say hello to life are entrusted to us by the Allah. It is a sense of servitude that befits us to have the trust properly. We should provide them with both their worldly and ethereal needs at the right time and in the right way. The duty of parents is to eat halal food, to feed them halal food. To speak right, to make them speak right. To be moral, to ensure that they are moral.

İbn-i Sina argues that in order for society to be peaceful and prosperous, it must consist of moral individuals, that goodness comes from morality, and that being moral is also a part of being religious. Ensuring social peace and creating a society consisting of happy people and children who can look to the future with confidence will be possible only by raising generations of morals.

The establishment of bright tomorrows can only be shaped by individuals who distinguish faith from disbelief, ihlas from hypocrisy, tawheed from shirk, right from falsehood, right from crooked, good from evil, good from bad, halal from haram, explain the facts, are principled, honest and consider the happiness of other people in every request and every goal. Because there are positive emotions in the human nature, and it is not bad emotions, but the non-use of good emotions that wears people down and makes them sick. We must teach our children to spend love, compassion, conscience, tolerance, hope, respect, patience and endurance.

As we always say, we are the beings who have been assigned to convey the right information in this world. Our duty is to fulfil our duty. Let us lean towards the children, let us be a ladder, let them receive support from us so that they can move forward.

Of course, knowledge should revive us, keep us alive, build us, and enlighten us like a rebirth.

When the mother and father are ready for education and training, the development of children is also possible. In other words, adult and child education should be together. The point that concerns us is the verbal and actual prayers of the parents for the future of their children. First the word must be spoken and then the right steps must be taken to be realised. For this reason, school, family and environment should be made clean and principled for the upbringing of the individual. In this way, the virtue he receives from his family, the principles he receives from school, and the morals and courtesy he gains from the community turn the person into a remarkable personality who is far away from evil feelings and is moulded with rahmanic feelings. The concept of raising these generations is the excuse of good deeds offered to us by the Allah. As a state and nation, we should embrace this important duty wholeheartedly and write our name in history as the pioneers of wisdom.


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