Human and Universe

The human mind is programmed to learn, to research, to know and to seek and find answers to its curiosities.

In doing so, it has also developed many different fields such as eastern philosophy, yoga, reincarnation, tao, buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. beliefs and philosophical currents, and has not ignored the explanations supporting them with their rules and miracles. Of course, we should also take into consideration that these are supported by fortune telling, magic and horoscopes.

Despite the efforts to develop and direct human consciousness, which is based on the philosophy of evolution, the purpose of our creation should be to know and find Allah. In fact, the essence of our inner journey should be the discovery of the light in our hearts.

The Holy Qur’an is a miracle in itself and in its content contains the fact that Allah , the Lord of the worlds, wants us to know Himself. Because He created the universe and man, His vicegerent on earth, because He wants to be known. Of course, the human mind is limited in any case for Allah , who foretells the destruction of the universe in the material sense with the “Day of Doomsday”. Because human beings know as much as He wants us to know. Therefore, we should try to understand Islam and life in Islam separately from the above-mentioned currents and beliefs, we should not compare them with each other or even blend and mix them. Otherwise, we should not forget that it may be possible to come up with explanations and definitions with logic, which may harm our true and sincere faith and belief as it should be.

Of course, man should be supported with knowledge, but the measure should be the miracles of the Holy Qur’an. Because we were not sent to this world free of charge, we have a duty to pass on the correct knowledge presented to us to future generations. This should be our aim.

The Allah will definitely complete His light. And He will do this with His chosen servants. Hoping to be among this elite group…

Peace be with you


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