Knowing Yourself

Dear Friends

It is time to stop being uncertain and unclear.

Who do we want to be, what kind of person do we want to be?

An extraordinary person? A wise personality? Which one?

For example; who or whom do you admire? Which characteristics of those people would you like to have in yourself?

You should clearly determine what kind of person you want to be and even write it down. Do not hesitate. Write down what you want to be, what you want to acquire. Because Allah swears to the pen and what it writes in the Qur’an, ‘Surat al-Pen’. So let us benefit from these divine signs and secrets. Let us apply this in our lives. Let’s write down and adopt this state, and let’s live our lives in this way, may Allah bless us.

When the intention is good, the outcome will be good.

When we set out with good intentions, intention and action meet each other. The supporter of this is Allah. Because Allah helps those who have good intentions with His angels. Unknown and invisible material and spiritual doors are opened to these people.

Those who want to take the road should think good, do good, so that they can reach the Allah’s will and support.

Who would not want to reach this!

In our sincere prayers to Allah with all our hearts, we should ask Him to grant us what is good for us. He is infinite in His mercy, compassion, grace and treats.

Preparation for the future should be made with a wise planning. For a proper and correct preparation, it is necessary to form good personal habits.

Instead of deluding yourself into thinking that you can direct external events, educate your intentions and purposes. In this regard, listen to the divine messages and the advice of the Prophets.

For example, do not suppress your inner feelings of generosity, but follow them. Do not question them. Especially when a friend needs you, fulfil the act that will help him/her. It is our duty to be there for our friends when they are in need.

Maturity is only possible by being patient with every test that we face and reaching the secrets in it.

So we will be patient and persevere in patience.

Peace be upon you…


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