Receiving Beraat from the Right Hand

This is the night when the Holy Qur’an was descended to the first floor of the sky with the participation of Gabriel and other angels. On this night, the names of the people who will die are given to Azrael  and the disasters (earth tremors) are given to Israfil  and the matters related to sustenance are given to Michael. The messages to be given to the prophets are given to Gabriel Alayhissalam. However, since there is no Prophet today, he has no duty based on revelation. Allah Almighty declares in Surah Duhan in the Holy Qur’an that He judges all wise matters. Again, on this night, all servants who do not commit theft, who are not fond of alcohol, who do not rebel against their parents and who have not fallen into shirk are forgiven by Allah Almighty. He will be blessed with this good news. Again this night, with the beautiful expression of the Prophet, Allah  calls out to His servants from the morning until the dawn;

Does anyone ask for forgiveness?

I will forgive. Is there anyone who asks for sustenance?

I will give sustenance. Is there anyone who prays?

I will accept.

He compliments his servants by saying. Again, this is the night when our Prophet  was given permission to intercede for all of his ummah. On the 15th night of the month of Shaban, our Prophet came out of his house and turned towards worship. Our mother, Hz. Aisha, follows our Prophet. Based on a tombstone, she watches the Prophet descend into prostration like a hollow dress, and the Messenger of Allah prays as follows; I prostrated to you with my forehead, I believed in you with my heart, forgive my past and future mistakes. Allah  says: Allah will give you such blessings that you will be pleased. The Messenger of Allah addresses Allah Almighty as follows in reply. I will be pleased on that day, but I will only be pleased if a member of my ummah is saved from the torment of hell, our Prophet  makes such a supplication to Allah. Upon this, Gabriel  said: “O Muhammad, raise your head from the prostration, Allah has forgiven all of your ummah. He has gifted all of your ummah to you.” This is reported in the hadiths of Masabih. Again, our Prophet informs us that the servants of Allah  will be forgiven as many as the hairs of the sheep of the tribe of Ben-i Kebsh.

Surah Ihshiqaq Verse 7

Whoever is given the book from his right hand will be reckoned with very easily and will return to his family with joy. May Allah grant us to be among those who receive the book from the right hand.


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