The Way of Ascension Miraj

If you want to rise, embrace spirituality. Mixing material means with spirituality and sharing them with people, participating in the charity organisation of the world humanity pleases the Allah who created everything and is the sole and true owner of everything.

Miraj; It is to rise, go up and ascend.

Three things were given to the prophet  on the night of Miraj. These are;

– Five times prayer,

– The last two verses of Surat al-Baqarah (Amenerrasûlü, 285 – 286) and

– The glad tidings that the great sins of those among his Ummah who do not associate anything with Allah will be forgiven. (Hadith, Sahih Muslim)

He who wants to ascend must embrace prayer and be in the presence of his Allah in the place of acceptance.

“Prayer is the miraj of the believer.”

The Prophet Muhammad

We should remember our duty of servitude to Allah, who makes all our desires and wishes more possible than us and grants us at the right time and place, and we should leave everything and all our appointments aside, organise our lives according to the prayer times, and be ready for prayer in the mosque as one with the congregation. Because being ready to serve Allah is more important than any other appointment.

One who keeps his soul and heart clean gives strength to his body. His face shines and his energy is high. It is recognised by everyone that he is different among people. He who wants to catch up with the age and above the ages should listen to the divine message. There is a special letter from  Allah for today.

“In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful”

Baqarah-285: The Prophet believed in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and the believers (also believed). Each of them believed in Allah, His angels, His Books and His messengers and said: “We do not distinguish any of His messengers (from the other)”. They also said: “We have heard and obeyed, O our Lord! We ask forgiveness from You. To You alone is the final return.”

Baqarah-286: Allah burdens a person only as much as he is able; the good he earns is in his favour and the evil he does is against him. Our Lord! Do not hold us responsible if we forget or err. Our Lord, do not burden us with a heavy burden as You burdened those before us. Our Lord, do not burden us with what we are not able to bear, forgive us, forgive us, have pity on us. You are our Mawlana, help us against the disbelievers.


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