International Day of Older Persons

It would be better to remember it as World Ageless Day. Because the body ages, the soul does not. It always remains young. But experiences are accumulated. Spirits are thinned, they can rise quickly, but they can also descend suddenly. The elders and the younger ones will laugh with each other. Whatever problems and habits […]

Don’t be late, come early!

Praise be to Allah , who is Al-Malik-ul-Mulk, and salutations and peace be upon His Messenger. Dear Friends, Allah , the Almighty, with the secret of the verse “All it takes, when He wills something ˹to be˺, is simply to say to it: “Be!” And it is! (Yasin, 82)”, has imposed systems within the circle […]

The Night of Laylat al-Qadr, the night of the Qur’an

The Holy Quran is best read on this night. Tonight, even if we are not worthy of forgiveness, Allah  forgives His servants… Because tonight is the night of excuse… Tonight is the night of Kalamullah… Tonight is the blessed night when the word of Allah is revealed to the Lord of the worlds, Prophet Muhammad  […]

It’s Not About Being a Hafiz, Haven’t You Understood Yet?

First, the Elif-Ba verses, then the verses of the Qur’an… Talking with Allah  (who is exalted from time and space)… Talking, reading… Reading over and over again is not enough! To memorise, to be ecstatic while memorising… To go down to the depths of the Kalamullah, to understand Him and then… Whoever does not live […]

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

Aladdin’s magic lamp can be taken by anyone. However, the original owner of the lamp and the one who is skilful can take out what is inside. Dear friends, Substance and spirit… Two brothers, both of which have their own characteristics and reflect the differences in the worlds to us… Substance; everything we can hold […]

Regaip Kandili

Dear Friends The night that connects the first of Thursday to Friday,  which is the beginning of the days when mercy falls in torrents, is called the Night of Regaib. Regaib is an Arabic word. Meaning; to seek and incline to anything, to strive for what is demanded and desired. Of course, every Friday night […]

Why is the Holy Qur’an being recited?

Why is the Qur’an placed at the centre of prayer? Why the Qur’an is recited in the ear of the baby born?  Why at the time of death, Surah Yasin is recited to the one about to die? Why those left behind after the deceased recite Surah Yasin – Surah Mülk? Why do we recite […]

Receiving Beraat from the Right Hand

This is the night when the Holy Qur’an was descended to the first floor of the sky with the participation of Gabriel and other angels. On this night, the names of the people who will die are given to Azrael  and the disasters (earth tremors) are given to Israfil  and the matters related to sustenance […]


STARTING THE WORK IN THE NAME AND ASSURANCE OF ALLAH Today it is called contract, covenant, treaty… “Those who believed and did good deeds, surely We do not waste the reward of those who do good (Kahf 30).” Whoever starts a work with the name of Allah  as a witness, believing in its correctness and […]

The Way of Ascension Miraj

If you want to rise, embrace spirituality. Mixing material means with spirituality and sharing them with people, participating in the charity organisation of the world humanity pleases the Allah who created everything and is the sole and true owner of everything. Miraj; It is to rise, go up and ascend. Three things were given to […]

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